Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun with the Exersaucer

Why is it that the older child likes to play with the baby toys more than the baby does? I put Kylee in Chad's old exercaucer the other day and she liked it for only a couple minutes, but then again she wasn't allowed to play with anything because Chad didn't let her. He played nice for a little while until he discovered that hitting Kylee on the head with the teething toys was a lot of fun. So after I took her out, he climbed in and had a great time. Oh well..at least it kept him occupied for more than two minutes:)

Drools all the time now...hence the lovely bib

Chad's turn What a little cutie!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kenny Chesney Concert

On Saturday, John and I left the kiddos with my parents to go to the Kenny Chesney concert with another couple (my birthday present from March). I can't remember the last time John and I had 8 hours away from the kids...must have been before Chad came along. We had such a wonderful time!!! We heard the Zac Brown Band, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, and Sugarland all before Kenny performed. Our seats turned out to be in a great location and the weather was absolutely perfect for the top of Lucas Oil Stadium to be open. Kenny sounded amazing and put on a fantastic performance!! Although I have to admit, having a few drinks and staying out late sure isn't as easy to do these days. Chad woke us up at 5 am saying he was scared and crawled in bed with us. Then Kylee woke up around 6 am for a bottle. And by the time she finished eating, Chad was bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Wish John and I could've said the same. Oh well..spending one day extra tired is worth going on a much needed date with your spouse. Thanks again Mom and Dad!
Lucas Oil Stadium with top open and
Colts flags flying high

Kenny Chesney about to perform
John and I

Chad's New 'Do

I thought Chad's fresh haircut looked too cute not to snap a few photos. He always looks older to me right after he gets a haircut and its spiked up with gel in the front.

Adorable but very mischievious!

Chad and Ollie playing

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kylee-3 Months Old

Kylee is now 3 months old and growing by the minute (or at least her cheeks are). She can hold her head up, laugh outloud, and attempts to roll from her back to stomach but hasn't been able to completely roll over yet (which is okay with me). She still smiles all time especially when she sees herself in a mirror or if Chad talks to her. We tried giving her rice cereal this past week but will probably hold off on that for a little longer. The first time I fed it to her she thought it was hilarious and wouldn't stop smiling. So needless to say, she didn't swallow much of it. And the last two pictures show just how thrilled she was to try it for a second time...haha.

"Give it a rest Mommy....I'm tired!"
Trying rice cereal for the 2nd time.....not a big fan obviously!
"Where's my bottle?....this stuff is disgusting!"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy!"

Ever heard Kenny Chesney's song, "She thinks my tractor's sexy.....it really turns her on." Even though we've had this John Deere tractor for over a year now, every time John mows the grass, this song comes to mind and makes me laugh! John is even sporting a John Deere hat that he received in the mail after purchasing the tractor...lol! Chad loves going for a short ride with Daddy but I wish he had been wearing his John Deere shirt that says "Wanna ride?" Too cute!

Ollie (a little blurry-I took it through the screen)
Kylee's getting a little too big for this bouncy...
her feet are dangling off
What's more fun than digging in the mulch?

Kylee's Photo Shoot

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter! Kylee has so much personality already and smiles all the time. She has even laughed outloud a few times. Although she isn't quite 3 months yet, she's got big chubby cheeks and drools all over the place.

First Day of "School"

As you know, Chad started his first Mother's Day Out class last Friday. Although it may have started off a little rocky, I am hoping each week will go a little smoother. Today I asked him if he was excited to go to "school" tomorrow and have a lot of fun with other kids. He gave me a half smile, so I said, "didn't you have fun last week playing with all the new toys?" Again, another half smile, so I asked, "do you remember what you did last week during school?" And he pouted and said, "I cried." How sad is that? :( So you may call this a bribe, but I told him that if he is a good boy tomorrow and doesn't cry (at least not very much), he can pick out a small toy. He was very excited about that so we'll see if that helps at all. Of course, I will not be buying something new after each class but his little sad face today just broke my heart. Anyways, with me going back to work and getting things done around the house, I forgot to post the pictures I took of Chad on his first day of school. Chad is a HUGE fan of Wall-E and any robots
He is sporting a Wall-E backpack, lunchbox, light-up shoes,
and flashlight (wouldn't give it up)
Not sure why his eyes look so puffy

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to Work/ Chad's 1st Day of School

Today was kind of a sad day for me. It was Chad's first day of his Mother's Day Out program at a local church and my first night back to work.

Last week, Chad saw his classroom and some of his other classmates and thought is was great. He played with all the toys and even colored on the paper-covered table. This morning he wasn't as thrilled about "having fun" in a new place without Mommy and Daddy. We walked him down to his room, hung his little Wall-E backpack and lunchbox on the hook and tried to make our goodbye brief. Luckily, we got out of there before I'm sure he started crying. Of course, I went home to a much quieter house and shed a few tears myself. I've been looking forward to him starting this class but I didn't realize just how much I would miss having him around. I'm sure it will get easier as the weeks progress. Plus, he only goes on Fridays from 9:15am-1pm. When I picked him up today, he was asleep with his paci and blanket in one of his teacher's arms although he woke up once we got in the car and never took another nap. I didn't get a whole lot of info from the teachers (or could rely on what Chad said) about how he was but he must have had a little fun because he colored and put stickers on a coloring page. We were all so proud of his work that we hung it on the refrigerator right away!!

Now...for my first day (or night) back at work. Well, I'm actually at work now and it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm not sure why I was so anxious to be back because I love caring for all the new mommies and babies; most all of my friends are my co-workers, and I only work two nights a week. At least I got my tears out earlier in the day so by the time I actually left for the hospital, I was fine. I haven't received any frantic calls yet from John (who's alone with the two kiddos practically for the first time) so I hope all is well. Will keep you updated....