Thursday, May 27, 2010


Kylee celebrating her 11 month birthday
Last Friday was Chad's last day of his Mother's Day Out program.
He will be in junior preschool twice a week in the fall.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last Day in Florida

Chad playing with his Grandma Lynn in the pool
Kylee and Lynn
Kylee & Chad "racing"
I think we had more pics taken of us together that week
than we've had over the past few years combined
Kylee is looking more like a big girl and not a baby
Smiley Kylee :)
Mary and Kylee
Chad with his Great Grandma Mary John with Grandma Mary and her dog Jack
The best one we could get of Kylee and Chad together

Aunt Lorrayne, Kylee, Chad & Uncle Gary

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More of Florida's Finest

The weather was absolutely beautiful for the entire week we were in Florida. We went to Englewood Beach or went swimming every day. After visiting my Grandma and Uncle Neal, it was time to head to Englewood to visit John's family. We stayed at John's Grandma Mary's house; while his parents and his Uncle Gary and Aunt Lorrayne (who flew in from California) stayed two doors down at what used to be John's Grandfather's house, who passed away last year. Unlike his Dad, John has never really been that into fishing or swimming; however, Chad took an immediate interest to both. Everyday he would round up his Papaw Bill to take him fishing out back of the house off the dock. He would have spent hours trying to catch fish and turtles if we would have let him. He just kept saying "i gonna whack him down" and "i gonna beat his butt." Nothing like trash-talking helpless fish!

Chad fishing with his Papaw Bill
Throwing the fish back into the pond
Englewood Beach at Sunset
Kylee, John, Lynn & Bill
John and I
Our Family
Kylee and Me (and yes, Kylee is chewing on car keys...yummy right?)
The Girls
The Boys (minus Chad because he can't stand still!!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Englewood Beach, Florida

Soaking up the Florida rays at Englewood Beach. Both kids had a blast playing in the sand and splashing in the waves. Chad wasn't scared of the ocean at all...which made us a little scared! Luckily, no one got sunburned. The top of Kylee's head turned a little red because she wouldn't keep her hat on but that was it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Florida: Visit to my Uncle Neal's House

We were able to hang out with my Uncle Neal and his girlfriend Joyce at their new home one day since they only live about 10 minutes away from John's Grandma's house. We had a lot of fun swimming in their pool and sipping on strawberry daiquiris (I can't remember that last time I had one of those). My uncle said there is an alligator family that lives in the canal that's behind their house. While we were there, we saw the baby gator and Chad was super excited about it. I didn't take any pictures because my camera doesn't have a very good zoom and I was not about to get too close.

Chad is a great little swimmer with these floaties on

I think this is the only day she actually kept her hat on
Kylee playing in the pool with Joyce
Chad completely wiped out after swimming!!
"Maybe if I look cute enough, somebody will get me out of this thing"
Joyce, Uncle Neal, Kylee, John, Me, and Chad

Florida Trip: Visiting My Grandparents

John and Chad playing in the pool. Chad of course armed with a squirt gun!
Kylee napping in her stroller at the pool.

We tried to explain to Chad that just because he wished for a toy and threw a penny in a fountain does not mean he was going to get what he wished for right then and there. He did not understand that concept at all; therefore, our evening walk ended shortly after that. We tried to calmly, yet quickly escort our child who was thrashing around and screaming "I wanna toy RIGHT NOW" past a bunch of curious onlookers. That was fun!

He looks sweet...yet looks are very deceiving!

My sweet baby girl showing off her two bottom teeth!!
Having dinner with my Grandma Connie and her husband Vern; my
Aunt Linda and her husband Jeff; Kylee, John and Chad
Me and my Grandma Connie

Well at least John and I are looking at the camera :)