Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chad's New Boat Bed

John and I have always liked the "nautical theme" and particularly loved the boat bed from Pottery Barns kids. However, since the pottery barn bed was just a little more than what we wanted to spend, we were so excited when we found a great deal on this "boat" furniture through JC We don't expect Chad will use it for awhile but we couldn't pass up the bargain. The four different boxes of "parts" arrived last week so John and his Dad put together the bed right away. Then on Tuesday night, John and I decided to put together the dresser and nightstand (couldn't be that difficult, right?). Finally at 2am, after a few "words" were exchanged, and parts that had been originally screwed on backwards were now in the right place, Chad had new furniture. The next morning Chad was so excited when he saw his "new room" for the first time! Althought it's not officially done yet (still need to paint the walls and add some extra nautical decor), he likes to go in there and play. I was hoping to get a few pictures that showed how happy Chad was about his new furniture but of course, he wouldn't sit still long enough to get a good one so I finally gave up.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


On Friday Chad was so excited that he spotted a spider in between the glass and screen in the window. He just kept pointing to it and banging on the glass to get his new little "friend" to move. He was so proud of himself that he would be playing with something else in the room and then come back to the window and say "ider." I thought Chad said "ider" so cute that I wanted to catch it on video. Although he does say "ider" in the clip he became much more distracted by the curtain adjuster strings (I'm sure there's a name for those but can't think of it now).


Note the spider to the left side above Chad's hand

Chili Time

Although Chad has never been a picky eater, we never would have guessed that he would love chili and spaghetti so much!! He made a very big mess but thoroughly enjoyed it!! Notice the hands up in the second picture...he's practicing "Touchdown" before the Colts game starts.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Enjoying the outdoors!

On this particular day, John and I took Chad to West Park in Carmel for a picnic and playtime. Chad had a ball swinging and couldn't get enough of the slide. Although, I think he had more fun trying to climb up the slide than actually sliding down it.